A Secret Weapon For scientology geschichte

A Secret Weapon For scientology geschichte

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He grew to become professor extraordinarius of oriental languages while in the college of philology at Halle, was elected professor ordinarius at Marburg in 1885, and was transferred to Göttingen in 1892 in which he stayed until finally his Loss of life.

In the course of creating Scientology, Hubbard introduced rapidly switching teachings that some have found as often self-contradictory.

In accordance with the Church, Scientology is during the midst of large expansion. It claims a lot of associates in in excess of one hundred countries, although critics say People numbers are vastly overstated. But recently, the Church has found by itself less than increasing attack.

Australian Senator Nick Xenophon gave a speech to the Australian Parliament in November 2009, about statements he had obtained from previous Scientologists.[310] He claimed that he had been explained to customers of the Firm experienced coerced Expecting feminine personnel to acquire abortions.[310] "I'm deeply worried about this organisation and the devastating influence it might have on its followers," claimed Senator Xenophon, and he asked for that the Australian Senate start out an investigation into Scientology.[310] In accordance with the letters offered by Senator Xenophon, the Business was involved with "ordering" its customers to obtain abortions.[311] Previous Scientologist Aaron Saxton sent a letter to Senator Xenophon stating he experienced participated in coercing pregnant Ladies throughout the Group to get abortions.

Journalist John Sweeney claimed that "When generating our BBC Panorama film Scientology and Me I happen to be shouted at, spied on, had my resort invaded at midnight, denounced being a 'bigot' by star Scientologists, Mind-washed—that is how it felt to me—inside of a mock up of a Nazi-style torture chamber and chased round the streets of L. a. by sinister strangers".[286] Violation of auditing confidentiality

Scientology is rarely out through the information. Herein is actually a series of content articles via the Founder of Scientology, Talking out against critics of 1969 and 1970. The relevance of such content is similar then as now.

If you do this and are a superior-possibility resource you need to ensure there aren't any traces of the clean-up, given that this kind of traces by themselves may possibly draw suspicion.

Excerpts and descriptions of OT elements had been published on the internet by a previous member in 1995 and after that circulated in mainstream media. This occurred following the teachings were submitted as proof in court docket circumstances involving Scientology, Hence starting to be a make any difference of general public report.

The observe of shunning in Scientology is termed "disconnection". Users can disconnect from anyone they now know, which includes current relatives.

L. Ron Hubbard at first supposed for Scientology to be deemed a science, as stated in his writings. In Might 1952, Scientology was organized To place this intended science Website-Link into apply, As well as in the exact same calendar year, Hubbard published a whole new set of teachings as Scientology, a religious philosophy.[104] Marco Frenschkowski quotes Hubbard inside a letter composed in 1953, to show that he in no way denied that his unique method wasn't a spiritual a single: "Almost certainly the best discovery of Scientology and its most forceful contribution to mankind has become the isolation, description and dealing with from the human spirit, attained in July 1951, in Phoenix, Arizona.

In line with James R. Lewis, Scientology is in the exact same lineage of supernatural religious actions including New Thought. Scientology goes beyond this and refers for their religio-therapeutic tactics as spiritual technological know-how.

In November 2016, cable community A&E commenced airing Leah Remini: Scientology plus gehe jetzt the Aftermath, a documentary sequence. Remini, a Television actress and star, was a member of the Church of Scientology for more than 30 a long time plus a community proponent of Scientology For some time before a general public slipping out in 2013.

A big Church of Spiritual Technological know-how image carved into the ground at Scientology's Trementina Base is noticeable in the air.[191] Washington Publish reporter Richard Leiby wrote, "Previous Scientologists acquainted with Hubbard's teachings on reincarnation say the image marks a 'return issue' so faithful workers members know where they can locate the founder's will work whenever they travel in this article Sooner or later from other areas in the universe."[192]

Quite a few Scientologists' 1st contact with Scientology is through neighborhood informal groups and field auditors practising Dianetics counseling.[229] Together with these, Scientology operates numerous Church buildings and Missions sehen Sie dies hier around the world.[173] This is when Scientologists receive introductory training, and it truly is at this nearby stage that many Scientologists participate.

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